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Business Formations & Transactions


Starting or maintaining your small business requires a passionate commitment.  Regardless of industry, it is challenging enough to serve customers and manage an operation without having to deal with legal issues.  Whether you are forming a new business or making an ownership change, I can help manage the complexity and make the business transitions process as simple as possible.


My experiences as a small business owner and my educational background can provide an invaluable perspective.  My fees are fair, all-inclusive, and clearly communicated before any work begins.   There are no surprises. Just strong, thorough legal documents describing your business transaction and protecting your interests.


Business Entity Selection, Formations, and Reorganizations

Matching the most appropriate legal entity to your business operations, goals, and other unique characteristics is vital to enhance your business' efficiency and profitability and necessary to ensure your personal liability protection.


Combined with appropriate advice and assistance from CPAs and financial planners, properly formed and maintained business entities can help business owners maximize personal liability protections, minimize tax obligations, and facilitate more effective and efficient operations.


The simplicity or complexity of your business' legal structure depends on internal or external factors which I can help you determine.


Drafting, Negotiating, and Reviewing Contracts

Detailed, appropriate documentation of every business transaction avoids disputes, increases efficiency, and decreases long-term expenses.


Contracts that include the basic terms of a transaction are a necessity; however, the value of a business contract dramatically increases as more complex terms are added to plan for unexpected occurrences and potential disputes.


I can help you navigate this complexity and develop documents that will help protect your interests.


Business Consultation/Business Plans

Business owners in any industry can benefit from the general and specific recommendations that result from a professional and detailed examination of every facet of their business' operations. 


Business plans are a valuable internal tool for short-term and long-term forecasting and goal-setting, and they can help attract and inform outside investors and lenders.


I can help you develop the plan that is right for your small business and your unique liability concerns and applicable compliance standards.


Business Succession Planning/Transfer of Ownership/Business Valuations

In order to manage and preserve hard-earned business assets, it is important to ensure that you have proper documentation of business succession plans and of business ownership transfers.


It is critical to the success of any transaction to develop the correct valuation of a business prior to a sale, purchase, or finance transaction.  Business valuation is an integral part of the documentation required by a business owner managing these types of transitions.


I help business owners determine and document these critical parameters for the transitions involving their organizations.