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There is nothing simple about losing a loved one.  As you work through the emotional transition, you must also decide how to accurately and efficiently distribute the remaining estate of the deceased.


Although it is a challenging time, I can help make the legal transfer of assets, known as probate, much easier to manage. State law requires certain steps be completed in order to ensure all business and personal affairs are handled properly.  If a Will exists, the procedure is somewhat more straight-forward; if no Will exists, it can be slightly more involved.


Regardless of your personal situation, I can help you understand the legal complexities and make the process of administering the affairs of the estate as simple as possible.


My fees are fair, all-inclusive, and clearly communicated before any work begins.  There are no surprises. Just strong, thorough legal documents to promptly resolve the administration of the estate.


Probate Administration

Probate ensures that the wishes of your loved ones are implemented fairly and accurately.  If a Will exists, an executor oversees the distribution of assets.  If a Will does not exist, the court will appoint a personal representative to administer the estate according to applicable state laws.   The executor or administrator manages the process of inventorying assets, paying outstanding debts, and following the instructions outlined in the Will to accurately distribute property.


Asset Valuation

In some situations, the deceased person's property must first be identified, listed, accounted, and appraised before paying debts and distributing the assets to the designated heirs.  It is important to maintain a methodical detailed accounting to ensure that outstanding obligations are met and the rightful owners receive the assets.